For each action made by you or your referral at the time of the competition you will receive points.
The more points you have, the greater the chance to win the competition.
At the moment there is no investor competition
Referral contest №1
End date: 21/08/2019
Prize pool: 0.0095 BTC.

All users of the project take part in this competition. Only those referrals that are registered after the contest start are considered. The winners of the contest are determined by the total amount of deposits made by referrals.

Position User Points Prize
1 pigzulu 6.0025 0.005 BTC
2 Idalgo 0.04 0.0025 BTC
3 Francessko 0.022 0.00125 BTC
4 Hyip1st 0.02 0.0005 BTC
5 chistane56 0.00561783 0.00025 BTC
6 cragen 0.00073 -
7 Staker846 0.00025 -

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